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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information

Faniat's team welcomes you, and thanks you for your trust in it, and Fanyatt informs you that out of its keenness and full awareness that the user has rights, Faniat seeks to preserve the information of users in accordance with the mechanism of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information in force in Faniat's. Accordingly, Faniat's explains to you that the privacy policy and confidentiality of information under which your information will be dealt with are as follows:


First: the information obtained by Faniat and maintained in its databases

1. Personal information of the user, such as name, age, e-mail, national identity number, or residence number.

2. The user's personal login information, such as the user name, password, e-mail, and the question and answer for password retrieval.

3. The nature of the electronic platform may impose some information related to cookies for electronic purposes that facilitate the interaction between the store and the user.

Second: Do Faniat share this information?

1. Of course, Faniat seeks to keep this information in a way that preserves the privacy of the user, and Faniat does not keep this information except for the purpose of improving the quality of the online store and facilitating the interaction between Technic and the user.

2. As a general rule, all this information is only available to those in charge of the artworks, and they will not publish or broadcast it to others.

3. Since Feniyat seeks to preserve the safety of users, in the event that Faniat notices any illegal or illegal activity carried out by the user, Feniyat may inform the competent authorities after consulting with Feniyat's attorney.

Third: How secure is the confidentiality of the store's information?

1. Faniat seeks to keep the information and privacy policy of users confidential and will not violate the provisions of these rules and policy. However, since it is not possible to guarantee this 100% through the means of the Internet, the technical team notes the following:

  • Faniat seeks to preserve all user information and not to be viewed by anyone in violation of this policy applicable to Faniat.
  • Faniat works to protect this information through "certain servers?" Protected by electronic protection systems "Special software?".
  • However, since the Internet cannot be guaranteed 100% of what may occur from penetration or viruses to electronic security systems and the firewalls in force in Faniat, Faniat advises users to keep their information strictly confidential, and not to disclose any information that the user deems very important to him, This is in the interest of techniques in guiding and guiding users.

Fourth: Is there a third party in the relationship between Faniat and the merchant?

"The Privacy Policy is set out here in relation to cases in which there is a third party, such as marketers, technicians, consumers, and any other person associated with the relationship."

Fifth: Rules and provisions for the use of Faniat:

All of Faniat's obligations, and all obligations of users, and all rights contained in the relationship between the user or the consumer and, are found here "the link is placed", as these rules are the "Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information" and emanating from the agreement concluded between the user and Techny regarding the legal and legal relationship Between them, the Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information have been developed to ensure the credibility and trust that Faniat is keen to provide to users.